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Top 5 Members of the 27 Club

Members of the 27 Club

Live fast, die young. If you want to guarantee musical immortality, then this is the age at which you must die, in order to gain maximum kudos. Here are five who did just that.

Jimi Hendrix
James Marshall Hendrix was a guitar legend whose short, four-year mainstream career inspired a generation. Always the showman, he was a live gig specialist, pioneering the technique of amplifier feedback. Although an American, the ‘Hey Joe’ and ‘Purple Haze’ singer spent much of his time in England, where he enjoyed most success. He made London his home, and it was at his girlfriend’s Notting Hill apartment that insomniac, Hendrix, fatally overdosed on sleeping pills in September 1970, robbing the world of arguably the most naturally gifted electric guitarist in history.

Janis Joplin
Born in Texas in 1943, Janis Joplin fell in love with blues music at a young age and couldn’t wait to leave her home town for the bright lights and hippy scene of San Francisco. Falling in with a group of alcoholic and drug-addled fellow ‘creatives’, Janis seemed to enjoy the itinerant lifestyle of a jobbing musician, and after cultivating a dedicated live following, broke through to recording success in the late 1960s with songs like ‘Mercedes Benz’ and ‘Me & Bobby McGee’. Her drug abuse, however, was a constant ghost, and despite several successful clean periods, her demons eventually won out, and ‘Pearl’, as she was known, succumbed to a heroin overdose in a Hollywood motel, in October 1970, just 16 days after Hendrix.

Jim Morrison
Charismatic and mercurial, James Douglas Morrison was the lead singer with LA rock band, The Doors. Known not just for an electric stage presence, but also for his talent for poetry and art, Morrison relied on drugs and alcohol to kick start his imagination and spur his creativity. His love life was intense, although the one constant throughout was his common-law wife, Pamela Courson, also a rabid drug user. He and Courson decamped to Paris in March 1971 to write songs and get inspired, but one night in July, Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of their apartment, apparently having taken heroin, thinking it was cocaine. The official cause of death was ‘heart attack’, although no autopsy was ever performed and mystery still surrounds his demise.

Kurt Cobain
Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain was considered the spokesman for a generation of disaffected youth. Intense and insular, he was obsessed with how he was portrayed by the media, and would get frustrated when his artistry and ambition were misinterpreted. He also suffered from a painful stomach condition, which he assuaged by turning to heroin. His destructive relationship with Hole singer, Courtney Love – also a heroin user – garnered many column inches, and their marriage in 1992 seemed to herald a downward spiral from which Cobain never recovered. In 1994, after a failed suicide attempt in Rome, he returned to Seattle, where he shot himself at his Lake Washington home during a solo heroin binge, his body lying undiscovered for several days.

Amy Winehouse
Winehouse was known for her soulful lyrics, beehive hairdo and excessive eyeliner, and was the first British female to win five Grammys. She also possessed the biggest, brightest, self-destruct button in British pop history, helped by her boyfriend/husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, who introduced her to crack cocaine. After mainstream success, Winehouse managed to kick the drugs, only to fall into alcoholism. After stints in rehab (her most famous songs, ‘Back To Black’ and ‘Rehab’, chronicled this time), divorce from Fielder-Civil, and struggles with emphysema, Amy seemed to be getting her life back on track, but her habit of binge-drinking, then abstaining, caught up with her one day in July 2011, when she was found dead on the sofa of her London home, having consumed two bottles of vodka.

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12 Ways to Make a Living Online

People often say money doesn’t buy everything. Sure! however money does pay bills and buy you all that are needed for a comfortable living.There are lots of legitimate ways to earn money online. Many people follow poor advice and end up falling prey to scams and fraudulent websites.

Making a sustainable living online can be done in hundreds of different ways, and if you want to put a little effort in, you can make a reasonable living. You can make money from home or anywhere in the world and do it for little initial investment. Here are a number of different methods you could research further.

1. Content Site
Content websites are very popular if you build an audience to your website then you can ultimately market to them and make a living.

2. Have Your Own Product
People pay good money for information. Your success will depend on how valuable others see the information you have to provided them. The research you do helps make

3. Getting Paid For Advertising Space
If you already have a site that gets a good amount of traffic on a steady basis, then you can charge companies to advertise on your site.

4. Google AdSense
Here is where Google pays you. What you get paid depends on how well your site is doing and how much traffic is coming on a regular basis.

5. Writing for Other Sites
If you can write an article that’s informative and professional, companies will pay you for the content to put on their site. Once you’ve been doing it for a little while, and your articles are exceptional, you will build a client list. Writing should be a passion as you will doing a lot of it!

6. Promoting Home Business
You can start your own home business by becoming a freelance blogger etc. This will offer you the opportunities and comfort of working from home while letting you make money.

7. Blogging for Profit Affiliate marketing
This is a superb way to make a living online and is a common method of promoting a website.

8. Affiliate marketing
Is one of the ways to make good money online. You’ll be able to work from the comfort of your home.

9. Online Surveys
You can always fill out different company surveys whenever you feel like it and get paid for it.

10. Reviews applications and websites
This is a new platform that pays you to review all types of products, services as well as websites. By simply completing a review, you get your money.

11. Not really a living this one but some people play poker online and make a living out of it. You could try bingo too but Poker has a certain amount of skill to it.

12. Ebay selling, no list of mine is complete with out mentioning my mainstay living. You can sell more or less anything on that auction site. If you can buy/make your products cheaper than you sell them, then you are all set to make a good living online.

When it comes to making a liveing online, the internet is your oyster! There are so many opportunities.

How to become an ebay power seller

It’s amazing how almost every operation has moved online today. The internet is accessible to almost more than half of the world’s population, and this has made several deals and transactions to go online. One of the distinct fields that has greatly benefited by the internet is the selling and buying business. Online selling and buying platforms are growing popular with each passing day due to the advantages that come with them.

eBay is by far one of the most visible and extensive internet marketing company in the world. The numbers prove this as eBay has over 180 million members. This number is surely staggering, and it is a true implication of the popularity of this site.

Among the sellers of eBay, the title of PowerSeller is given to about four percent. Attaining this title is all about following the eBay guidelines designated for Powersellers and these guidelines also apply in maintaining that status. People who attain this status get several advantages and discounts in their daily transactions. They also have access to restricted areas so getting this status is highly regarded among the sellers on eBay.

The big question, however, is how you get to attain the Powerseller status. Attaining this status doesn’t entirely rely on the set rules and below are some of the tips that can help you become an eBay Powerseller.

The first thing that you need to do is to understand the eBay Powerseller status well enough. There are several ways you can do this and learning eBay’s policies that govern the PowerSeller status is very vital. Most eBay policies are dynamic as they change from time to time, but the ones associated with the Powerseller status are fairly stable in that they have not changed significantly over the past few years. There are set rules that you need to abide by before you can become a Powerseller, and you should know them well enough and also ensure that you do not fall out of them. Examples of these rules include;

  • You should be an active member for ninety days.
  • You should have a minimum of one thousand dollars in sales per month for three consecutive months.
  • You should have a good financial standing.
  • You should have an overall feedback rating of 100 or more than ninety-eight percent.

These are just a few of the rules as there are others that govern the Powerseller status. The other thing that you need to do is to understand the different tiers of Powersellers. The reason behind this is that the benefits enjoyed by Powersellers vary with each different tier. The tier you are placed is determined by consistent sales volume over some months.

After understanding the Powerseller status well and the rules that govern them, you should then start developing good practices. These practices are best developed by putting the customer first. You should know that your reputation as a seller on eBay is determined the score of your feedback and you should ensure that you treat you, customers, right.

Maintaining active communication with your customers is equally important. Communications help solve many issues, and if you do this, you won’t be faced with cases of customers filing complaints or bad things about you.

The other good practice that you should effect is to establish your area of focus. A Powerseller is supposed to be focused on one type of product so that all the other aspects of running the business can be managed easily.

Powersellers are also expected to be organized and have accurate accounting procedures as well. These two things are very vital to running a successful business.

The other thing that you should do if you are to become a Powerseller is to create professional listings. You should take good photographs of the products you want to sell and make sure all the flaws are shown. You should then ensure that you schedule your listings for the peak periods. All the descriptions you give on your products should be professional and not lacking in anything. The headlines you also put should be professional as well and you should resist using fluffy words. The best Powersellers are able to automate some of this process with assistants to ensure the listings look perfect.

Finally, if you are to achieve the Powerseller status, you need to takes things further and do something that is not done by every seller on eBay. You don’t expect to be a Powerseller if you can’t be differentiated from the common eBay sellers. One way that you can take things a notch higher is by advertising your products well. You should also go ahead and develop your own website where customers can go to in case they are impressed by your products or business. You can make use of this web site to even advertise your products more and get more purchases.

The Powerseller status is very important and as a seller on eBay, you should read these tips and follow them if you are to achieve the Powerseller status.

The Truth About Penny Auctions

Penny Auctions

As an eBay power seller for many years, I decided to investigate what all the fuss was about. Was it legit or a scam? Here’s what I discovered.

How Do They Work?

Penny auctions are a great way to show the power of the collective and the brilliance of ownership. On each auction, the biggest winners are the owner of the sites and the person who wins the item. The owners are able to auction off expensive items at what looks to be a low price because they earn more than retail value on each item. They are able to do this because every bid that is made is collected and was already paid for with the purchase of a bid pack. Obviously the person who wins the item has saved a ton of money. People who are able to see their bids as actually money and strategize a plan to win auctions will come out ahead, everyone else is just in for the ride. Be a driver and not a rider and you will get a lot of value from penny auction sites, and save a lot of money.

It Is Not Like Ebay

This isn’t your father’s auction site. Penny auctions do not work on a dollar for dollar basis and the goal is not to bid the higher amount of money, at least not directly. In the penny auction world, the price of an item is covered by having many people putting in bids and covering all costs. So everyone who bids is spending money to bid. This might sound unfair especially if you don’t win but this is how you see those iPads going for only $50. Your goal is to learn how to win and that takes using a bidding strategy that works.

It Is More Like A Raffle Than An Auction

One big different between penny auction sites and mainstream auction sites is the bidding structure. Most penny auction sites require that you buy bid packs and many use a points auctioning style, where your bids are not in dollar but in points. In may ways it is like a raffle where you end up putting your tickets towards an item and not just randomly winning. The more bid packs you purchase, the more likely you will be able to win. All of this works because for any one auction, there will be enough people bidding a high enough point amount that the actual item is paid for at retail value by the bids of the collective.

Can You Win?

Here is the question that everyone wants to ask– Can you actually win on a penny auction site? The truth is that you can win but just line mainstream auction sites you will need a strategy for winning. Most of us who use mainstream auction sites know that it is best to bid towards the end of th count down and to be able to guess the range of the highest bid. Bidding on penny sites is very much the same.

If all of this sounds good to you, then it should be worth experimenting with a penny auction site.